• BSL Logistics

    Logistics & Transport Consulting

    Logistics & Transport Consulting
  • BSL Storage & Distribution

    A consolidation of BSL’s secondary
    distribution solutions

    BSL Storage & Distributaion Fleet
  • BSL Engineering

    Dedicated Fleet Maintenance

  • BSL ColdChain

    Dedicated Cold Chain Fleet

  • BSL Liquid Cargo

    BSL offers a complete range of liquid cargo

    Liquid Cargo Supply Chain
  • BSL Express

    Express Distribution

    Express Supply Chain & Management

Quality Management System

Today, the quality management system supports our customers’ loyalty and proves our ability to fulfill the company’s obligations while ensuring timely and reliable delivery of customers’ cargoes all over the Pakistan

Social Responsibility

Ever since its foundation, BSL transport company has been showcasing steady development and increase of key indicators at the times of both market growth and the Pakistan financial crisis

Groupage cargo transportation

Regardless of how small your consignment is, we minimize transport expenses by consolidating different consignors’ cargoes. Efficient allocation of transportation capacities allows keeping our shipping rates at their lowest level. That is why BSL is considered to be one of the most loyal national logistic companies.

Welcome to the BSL

The Logistics Industry in Pakistan has evolved from goods being transported across rickety single carriageway roads to today’s modern, customized fleet vehicles plying multi-lane motorway networks.

A Multi-dimensional Approach

BSL Group, through the years of its operational experience, wealth of expertise and business acumen has built up a diversified and varied business portfolio, to give the best advantage to its clientele, seeking business solutions under the “One-Stop, Many-Solutions” principle.

The business entities operating under the BSL umbrella are:
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a week open

10 Offices

around the Pakistan