About Us


“To be recognized as the leaders in providing qualitative and innovative services in cargo transportation under the “one roof” concept these roads network in Pakistan, exploring, developing new and smarter ways in offering our customers more value for money, more value for every mile, every load carried on every road; structuring ourselves for simplicity, leaner, more efficient organization, to than leverage our collective group strength offering competitive advantage in our existing services and solutions, and able to provide new serves leaner to recognized as strategic and caring partners of our clients helping them achieve their business goals through our effective and highly customer-focused policies”.


We want to take the business of logistics to the next higher level as the future of business entirely depends on business continuity and enterprise development.
Through logistics and an effective Supply Chain Management practices, we will strive to achieve higher levels of success and leadership in the industry.

BSL Quality Policy

The Quality policy assists the continuously development of employees’ skills and enhances the company’s diversification strategy and economic performance, while respecting concerns for environment and safety. Each person, regardless of the position he or she holds within the company, undertakes to implement the principle embodied in the ‘Total Quality Management’ approach, in order to reach the quality objectives that have been set make progress towards achieving the corporate targets. This policy applies to local law for transportation of product ensuring a culture of compliance within company where every person accepts responsibility to act ethically and with integrity.
Our people must be committed to carry out this total quality policy which will underpin the success of BSL (Private) Limited.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Accountability
  • Due Diligence